Dazzling Shofia

For the past 15 years I have worked on my hobby: beads crafting but never have a gut to show it to public. August is the right time for me to do it, as I had to attend a national crafter gathering in Bandung. I must have a directory of my works if I want to feel more confident to be among professional crafters. So I instanly changed one of my IG accounts into a business one, named Dazzling Shofia. The name just sounds so catchy to me, as it’s a combination of my daughter names: Shofi and Afia. Dazzling? Well, jeweleries must be dazzling, ngono thok aee……
Dazzling Shofia makes my life happier. It just balances my life as a government officer and a passionate crafter. I have been figuring out I’d spend more hours of my life working than anything else I’d ever do, so why not include my passion? Most people who knows me see that I always put on my own handmade jeweleries (accessories to be precise 🙂 ) while teaching. This is just the right time to do it more seriously. I enjoy the satisfaction of teaching and also of promoting and supporting something I truly love: making beads crafts from Jakarta, the capitol of Indonesia, with materials from the richness of Indonesian natural stones. Isn’t that amazing? Mboiss pol!
Though my skills are just beginner, I’m happy that more friends appreciate my works. This really gives me more energy to work at my training center. You know, I’ve been in really bad moods lately, and that really affect my teaching. But since Dazzling Shofia got positive reviews of my friends (already got consumers, to 😀 ), I can get over my irritated mood so quickly. Sure…I really am in a variety of lights — as a mother, teacher, assessor, lecturer, home master-chef, crossword-puzzle wiz, crafter, doodler, etc. I really have less emotional dependence on any single one of these identity “labels.” Thus, if I face a professional setback like yesterday, I can easily weather it more steadily, and get back on my feet more quickly. Isn’t hobby amazing, guys? Wis iyo’o ae talah hahahaa…
Back to Dazzling Shofia. I have already made a lot of bracelets and necklaces so far to display on DS instagram (lousy pics I admit, someday I’ll learn photograpy hehee tenan rek). Most of my jeweleries are made of natural stones and gems, some are pearls and Svarowsky crystals. My favorites are always borneo chips, jadeite, amethyst, ruby, yellow agate, moss agate, and gold sandstones. I also do mending art. I mean I make new, artistic works from broken jeweleries by fixing, repairing, reshaping and adding other materials. This is not easy if you know that working with crimp beads is very hard especially for a beginner like me. But the satisfaction of giving longer-lasting and beautiful results are always rewarding.

One of my friends said “I’m so amazed by your skills. You’re such a total package!” Wow…that’s too much, dude. I should say Astaghfirullahdon’t be too proud, Efi. But I realize that I love many things in life. I’m just complex and just wanna learn many things — that’s what makes me human. And the more I realize my own complexity, the happier I will be. Ngono ae.

Okay…back to crimps again….and enjoy my dazzling happiness….

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