Keto Day 91 (Supposedly)

Actually, I stopped my Keto diet on day 80 since I got a bad diarrhea. I felt so week for days and I just need to drink something sweet to recharge my body. I gained 58 kg that week of sickness. Now I’m 60 kg and still enjoying consuming some carbohydrate in my meal: things that I avoided for 3 months i.e. veggies. Yup, I really miss vegetables so much. I admit that I have increased my appetite since I’ve taken veggie and other forbidden food again. I’m fully aware that the carrots, the beans, the sprouts, the fresh juice, natural yogurt, and cold cereal: they all don’t suppress my hunger for long. But since I don’t eat sugary food, rice and bread, my weight is still constant 60 kg this week, quite amazing right? My only problem is that I’ve been having bloating again since my cheating day, but I’m OK with that.
Anyway, I still keep some of my ketogenic diet like cottage cheese, nuts, peanut butter, VCO oil, fish, and eggs. I sometimes do intermittent fasting, but not everyday like before. Probably that helps me a lot to keep my body weight. Today is supposed to be my KFLS 91, but I count today as a restart to 1 with my Keto diet. Gosh, it does need a warrior to stick with this diet. I’ll never feel sorry for breaking my KFLS, since I’ve been feeling a much better mood. A happier me. With my sexier body. 😀 😀 😀

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