Keto-Fastosis Day 7

Yesterday, I started the second phase of my KF Program: Consolidation Phase, yippee! My fasting sugar was 78, so I dare myself to try longer fasting. The good thing for my first phase (induction) is that I loose 5 kg just in 5 days! “) “). Now in the second phase I can add non-starchy vegetables (like leafy greens: spinach, kangkung, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, cucumber, chili, asparagus, kailan, pokcoy, etc). I love veggies and I’m soo happy I can eat them as much as I want. And the duration of my fasting is longer: 18-20 hours, no problem at all coz the veggies keep me full longer.
I feel that my metabolism is way much better now. I still have a kind of nausea sometimes in the evening, but that’s normal and natural reaction when my body switching from burning carbohydrate to burning fat fuel. Now I don’t really have panting breath, thanks to my quick slim down hehehee…
I’ve prepared for my lunch omelette, stir-fry beans and chicken liver, and green tea. For snacking I have Elle & Vire cream cheese and Kraft slice. Yummy!

elle vire

After Lunch:
I’ve checked my fasting blood sugar and it says 86. So sad…I’ve gotta back to the induction phase again. Bye bye chili and broccoli, I’ll see you again soon. Gottta workout more often to get it below 80 again. Fighting!!

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