Moderator Script for GDLN Sessions

I’ve participated in several sessions of GDLN Blended Learning since 2015, especially when the host is KDI School from Korea. This year, Indonesia a.k.a. FETA, my institution, will be the host for 2018 GDLN seminars.
Btw, becoming a moderator for vicon sessions is not new to me, and I always prepare my own script to keep on the track during the session. I want to share you all the kind of script that I prepared for GDLN vicon. Here it is:

Sample – Moderator Instructions

Moderator: _________________ Session: _______________

Moderator’s Job:

• Be available to help out as needed.
• Keep track of the time.
• Thank the speaker(s) after his/her speech.


Good Morning /Afternoon/Evening Ladies and Gentlemen.

Welcome to ___THE GDLN BLENDED LEARNING SERIES AT FETA JAKARTA_________(session title)

My name is_____EFI DYAH___________________ and I will be serving as your moderator today.

We are joined today by ___(number)________ different sites in _____(number)______ different cities/countries.

What I’d like to do first is we go around in alphabetical order to our affiliates. Could you just briefly introduce who you are with you in your room and say a brief hello to us all, that would be so great.

I’d like to go first to ________(name of site)___________
Thank you. Now we go over to _________________________
And over to ______________________ Are you there _________________?
Thank you. Why don’t we over to ___________________________
Great to have you (as well). / Welcome. / We’re happy to have you.

Now, moving along to our session.
We are pleased to have Mr./Ms./ Prof. _____________________________ who will be delivering a topic of _________________________________ . I’d like to read a brief biography of our main speaker… –> Prof ___________ is currently …..

(Read the biography here)

Without further ado, Prof ____________ the floor is yours.

We’d like to draw your attention to the screen.


Thank you Prof for the presentation.
We are moving to Q&A, but we should apologize due to the limited amount of time, it is limited to 1 questioner per site.
To Site X _________, do you have any question in the room?


That concludes today’s very interesting seminar.
Thank you very much _______________(speaker name/names) for addressing today’s interesting topic. Let me also take this opportunity to thank ___________ again for ___________________On behalf of ______________we would also like to thank you all for joining us today.

If there are any announcements, then give them here, such as announcing the next GDLN session. → We will expect to meet you again on ……

Happy moderating, guys!!

Keto-Fastosis Day 7

Yesterday, I started the second phase of my KF Program: Consolidation Phase, yippee! My fasting sugar was 78, so I dare myself to try longer fasting. The good thing for my first phase (induction) is that I loose 5 kg just in 5 days! “) “). Now in the second phase I can add non-starchy vegetables (like leafy greens: spinach, kangkung, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, cucumber, chili, asparagus, kailan, pokcoy, etc). I love veggies and I’m soo happy I can eat them as much as I want. And the duration of my fasting is longer: 18-20 hours, no problem at all coz the veggies keep me full longer.
I feel that my metabolism is way much better now. I still have a kind of nausea sometimes in the evening, but that’s normal and natural reaction when my body switching from burning carbohydrate to burning fat fuel. Now I don’t really have panting breath, thanks to my quick slim down hehehee…
I’ve prepared for my lunch omelette, stir-fry beans and chicken liver, and green tea. For snacking I have Elle & Vire cream cheese and Kraft slice. Yummy!

elle vire

After Lunch:
I’ve checked my fasting blood sugar and it says 86. So sad…I’ve gotta back to the induction phase again. Bye bye chili and broccoli, I’ll see you again soon. Gottta workout more often to get it below 80 again. Fighting!!