Ketofastosis: Day 2

How to Reach Ketosis_edits
11.40 WIB
This is the second day for my new program. I ate at 7 last night, just half avocado and one egg. Right now I don’t feel any hunger or craving at all. I’ve watched many videos of Dr. Eric Berg, and now I’m a bit confused with the KF Program administered by Tyo Prasetyo on my FB group. My problem with the protocol he made is that I cannot follow some rules there, like consuming IH or immunator honey and 2-3 litre of water. I just cant drink too much water, and Dr. Beg said that we drink water when we need it (he takes only 6 cups daily…). And honey is also prohibited in Ketofastosis. It’s the same thing like consuming sugar,fructose, agave nectar, syrup, and juice, they won’t bring our dietary sugar down to zero. (I’m also confused when the KF group said that taking Diabetasol is OK…whooa sweetener, no way!)
I haven’t left the group yet, I just turned off all notifications from this group. Some explanations in their protocol don’t really make sense to me, cause I have watched many videos by Dr. Berg himself. The more I know from his videos, the more I’m convinced that my group has made some mistakes. I just hope that I was mistaken about this group coz I haven’t learned a lot the comments and the discussions among members.

Now, preparing for my lunch time…I’ll write again soon. See ya.

After lunch:
Feeling a bit dizzy, I haven’t eaten up all but my tummy feels full. Just cant eat too much now. Is it really normal? Well, finally I gain control over my desire to eat, hehehee… I’ll continue eating when I feel hungry.

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