My Life Plan: Diet on Ketosis

I really need to change my life into a healthy one now, harus hari ini juga. I’ve been having problem with my shoulder for one year and now my neck is starting to feel painful. So it is so urgent to give a try to Keto-Fastosis (heard that from my FB friend Mira, a KF warrior from Malang). Actually, I’ve been doing Monday-Thursday fasting, but it just reduced my weigh for only 5 kg in a year. That’s because I’m highly addicted to food, my tummy growls so easily and I just cant stop my craving for new food.
Yes, gotta start my life changing plan today, July 26, 2018. If I want to live longer with my family, today is the time, NO tunda2 lagi. My health problems are just so many if I count them. Let’s start counting:
1. weigh issue. I got it since the age of 37. Got up and down with my weigh but every year the trend is increasing like kurs dollar hehee, the peak was 2006. I gained 86 kg!). My temporary diets were like playing yoyo, the harder I tried the more I gained 😦 😦
2. hormone imbalance. In 2006 my doctor at RS Fatmawati told me that I got it. My symptoms were irregular and heavy periods, sometimes bisa 6 months ngga mens trus pas dapat bisa blood clot sampai 2-3 weeks baru bersih. Sad, it’s been more than a decade then, don’t realize that time flies. 😦 😦
3. Fatigue. Yup, I feel easily tired, and my friends also said that I have short breath now (that obvious…). Especially while teaching, my trainees can hear my panting breath when I speak to them.
4. Hot flashes and over sweats sometimes. Some friends said that is the sympton of early menopause, my oh my I’m getting older. My face feels hot. And also if I wear tight pants or legging, I feel burnt in my pelvis and crotch (I mean area selangkangan hahahaa bener ga sih Englishnya)
5. Belly fat…oh I thought it’s just genetic cause my mom has it, too. I hate that excess bulge. My diet and my exercise haven’t done much to reduce my pooch.

OK, now I have a bottle of VCO and a pack of green tea with me. Still ordering immunator honey online. But I stopped eating last night at 8 pm. I will check my GDP or fasting blood sugar (I mean fasting plasma glucose test, bener ngga sih ) at polyclinic downstairs to see my first day start. For this induction period, I will break my fasting at 1 pm.

I will keep writing my progress with this diet here. Bismillaahi.


Update 13.00 WIB
My GDP was 95mg/dl and my uric acid was 6.7. OK, now I have to try to make my GDP lower than 80mg/dl in a week. I think I can do it. Go go Efi go!!

Update pukul 15.30 wib
I’ve just had my lunch. It was two salted eggs and a half cut avocado I bought from Gelael Tebet. For my snacking, I took three slices of cheese. Btw, I was mistaken reading the Keto protocol. I thought I’ve drunk sufficient green tea (three glasses so far), in fact I’m supposed to drink 2 litre of water during fasting. Telat deh. But now I keep on drinking much water (I really hate this, I don’t drink too much daily). I’m just afraid of water intoxication actually, I heard that it will make the amount of salt and other electrolytes in my body become diluted. My Keto friends have similar problem after taking much water: feeling tired, weak and dizzy, although they took sea salt in their diet. But I think drinking much water is needed, cause water serves as a lubricant that keeps our kidneys working smoothly. Maybe I need more time to adapt to this Keto style, it is just gradual change…I will go easy with this diet.


Day 1 Keto-Fastosis

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