My EFCO Book: English for Customs Officer

Finally I got my book second published. Well, it’s actually another kind of self-actualization effort. 😀 I mean I’ve been planning to write something on my own, but apparently that must be something to do with my job as an English trainer if I don’t want to wait too long for it (well actually it took me 16 years to do it after my 1st book was published in 2002 hahaa). It was just so fast process… it just takes 2 months to have this book published. I wrote that in January 2018 and send it to publisher in March. The formal launching of my English for Customs book was in May 2018, just before Ramadhan 1439H. Since my office announced the launching on their Instagram, I got so many orders for the book on the same week and I didn’t really expect that.

To be honest, I’m not really satisfied with that book for some reasons that I can’t share here. But overall, I kinda proud a little bit, cause when I went to Malang in June, a customs officer in Abdul Rachman Saleh Airport called me and say hi,saying that he read my book…amazingly surprising cause only Surabaya, Jakarta, Semarang, and Denpasar ordered my book. That’s the good thing of social media hehehee cause he browsed about me when he got the chance to see my book from his Customs friend.

Here is the look of my book:

Cover Buku Efi 1.jpg

Cover Buku Customs 2

A little bit dissapointment with the cover actually, coz I eventually realize the first cover that they designed was just better than this one. This cover is chosen among three options the publisher offered me. I made a bad choice I admit. Next year, let’s just leave the design graphic team make it for me, leave it to the expert.

Sorry guys, this book is only for use in EFCO trainings organized by my training center, Pusdiklat Keuangan you won’t see it in Gramedia. But my third book will be coming next year, and I plan to sell that in bookstores in Indonesia. Just wait.

first book.jpg

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