First Publication

Just feel so relieved when my friend informed me that my paper for 1st UICELL is published. My husband asked “Just relieved? Not proud, terrific, or something?” Well, it’s kinda mixed feeling…because before the announcement of my first publication I was so frustrated, like it took a lot of time, like I wanted to publish my best work, but I realize that there are still a lot that I have to improve in my writing.

Here’s the link to my paper:

Yes, I have a feeling of accomplishment and now maybe a thirst for another trial. Maybe? Yeah cause I know how hard it is to perform a research and write academic paper, and I am not really into academic things actually. Now I have already broken the first barrier in my academic writing, I’m feeling a bit calm and confident to do more research. By the way, I think I have to go back to campus if I want to focus more on doing research.Becoming a student again normally brings me many ideas for research. My choices are UPI Bandung and UNM Malang for my doctorate.
paper ibu

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