Love You to the Moon and Back, Mom!

I’m so happy today to return from my short visit to my hometown. Just so glad that my mom’s getting alright. Yup, she just missed me a lot and her refusing to eat that time was just a strike to my brother. My mom needs to take blood pressure medication daily, and last week when she refused to eat any meal especially rice, my brother was a bit angry cause it will affect her medication.  And then you know, mom even quitted to eat at all. My brother tried to push her to eat, but Mom’s getting angrier. I really know how it feels when you don’t want to do something but somebody makes you to do it, you’ll be so grumpy. I’ve told my brother to be more patient to her, cause when he said nicely to her probably she would eat for her own sake. Mom had been in bad mood for several days before she refused to eat that day. So last weekend I just spent time together with her, taking her around Malang with my sister’s car, and surprisingly she wanted to try Gelato at Bugi Cafe, Chicken Noodle at Kudusan, and Potato Fries at Giant Food Court Sawojajar. See, mom’s just like me, I hate being pushed and told what to do. But I don’t really blame my brother cause his being fussy is actually from my mom’s side.

I love my Mom very much and in some ways have grown older to accept that I am a lot like her.  Mom’s super discipline and I am, too. Mom used to call me weekly, and I call my daughter every Saturday and Sunday, too. I used to get frustrated with mom’s frequent calls and always dropping in to visit unexpectedly with my dad few years ago (My daughter sometimes complained that I just can’t suddenly showed up at her dorm 😀 )  Then it hit me that I miss this cause it doesn’t happen anymore since she said she’s too old to travel. Mom I’m so sorry I’ve been a lousy daughter to you, but I promise from now on I’ll fly more often to see you and dad. Love you mom and dad, stay healthy my most important people in my life.

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