Random Rumpies


Wow it’s been a while not posting here. Since I don’t know what to write, let’s just talk about random things. Today I’m supposed to be in Singapore to attend IMF Regional Economic Outlook for Asia Pacific, but somehow I refused to attend it. It would be nice to hangout with my friends from SMU and NUS, also with the “Mustafa strollers” ladies from India, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Brunei, I really miss them all. But I still have two other things to do in Jakarta today: validation of TKBI with PPSDM and meeting with the PH for my knowledge capture. Well, I choose the last since it’s very crucial for my e-learning videos, I can be a validator next week anyway. Yes, every day we have to make the best decision for our sanity sake. I don’t want to be too burdened with many things that are not supposed to be my business. This IMF REO meeting in my view suits my boss, the echelon I of FETA. Of course it will be nice to talk again with Mr Ranil Salgado, but I think my boss has to be with those professors and directors since he is the decision maker in my institution. I am a trainer, no social climber. Shooting videos for my e-lecture is more important and urgent to do this moment.

My secretary had reminded me of the consequence before I made my decision. I told her to relax, coz chances will keep coming once you are already a proficient person. If I must be shunned from attending international events using our budget, I’ll take the consequences because there are just so many possible ways once you have the will power and also  the money of course he he… Also, been to Singapore for five times already, not many left to explore there.

I kinda want to talk about social climber. This is just my feeling when I’m around my IMF buddies. I always think that  I don’t belong to the club because I don’t have a structural position, a policy maker position. I thinks I have explained in my post last year that IMF sessions are full of macroeconomic policy makers all around the world, I was just too lucky to get acquainted with directors, chief economist, CEOs, professorsand so on. Although I am a senior trainer, equivalent to associate professor,  it’s just nothing when you are not in the management. I’m in the club because my expertise in training management gives way for me to represent my boss, and nothing’s fancy about that. I’m an inverted snob, I guess, not an arriviste.

Wait a second, I think I got wrong with social climber definition. Lemme check it from Webster.

Social climber: one who attempts to gain a higher social position or acceptance in fashionable society. OK, from Cambridge then: someone who tries to improve their social position by being very friendly to people from a highersocialclass.

Well, I wasn’t wrong at all. So, what’s my social position? A working class, that suits me. But my family descend from noble one sih… the Djojoprakto. Mmm does that name matters? Well, definitely NOT if you’re not from Bakrie, Panigoro, Ibnu Sutowo, Tanoe, or Soeharto 😀 😀 . Well, although I’m a working class, my society are all professionals. I’m now in middle class, but I don’t have the need to be in the upper class. There’s a fact that I belong to BS club in Bintaro, but those socialites take me with them for my professional  expertise in English. See, I’m reaching out to many people because I love to help people, doesn’t matter who they are. My motivation is genuine when I befriend with everyone, that’s why I know my friends so well and I connect with them on an intimate level. I think social climbers are selfish, narcissistic and self-centered, status-driven , and they lacks empathy because most are ‘users’ coz their connections must give them benefit. I can say this because I know some examples in my life. Well…this rumpies is getting ngelanturs…I must stop now. Continue next time. Bye.

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