JOMO: Did I Miss Something?


Someone’s missing me on FB since I’ve barely updated my status for quite some time. Well I just say that I’ve been tied up with many things in my job and with my family, a more exciting real life that I must be living with. I don’t have to show to the world with my endless status updates and my photos showing off my happier life. Do I have to tell people that in one day I can be in many places? Like last Friday I ran a short meeting in PKU Pancoranin the morning, worked and presented with my LND group till afternoon in FETA Purnawarman, and be a supervisor for PKN STAN’s student admisission from 2 till 6 p.m. in Bintaro? Do I have to share the gorgeous photos of my children or Instragammable pics I took daily? It will bore my friends to death for sure 😀 😀  And I don’t think that I also have the time to keep up with my friends’ fun out there shown on my walls. I’m just happy if everyone is happy, and I think now FB is getting fuller of many things: complaints, bad jokes, black campaign, and propaganda. So it’s wise if I just stay away for a while from my FB, for my personal mental health he..he….

I just think that social media is not supposed to dictate our life. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat…those are just contemporary fad. Remember that I used to have Friendster, Flickr, My Life, Tumblr, Pinterest, Last FM, WAYN, Xanga, Zorpia, Soundcloud, and still many more. I just leave them if I don’t need them: I have so much freedom. I still keep my FB, Academia, Google+, LinkedIn just for occasional updating. It’s just the same thing with owning TV, I guess. I decided not to have TV anymore in 2005, so it’s been twelve years now (yeay!) I still can watch any live streamin on the Internet anyway…if I want to. 😀

I don’t think that I miss something as my friend’s figured out. If she thinks I do, well then I’m taking the pleasure in ‘missing out’ by not feeling like I have to be everywhere at once and to publish it to the world. Instead, I’m sooooo content with staying in bed now with a cup of tea and my drawing book. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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