No Pain No Gain


Alhamdulillah! This week I am enjoying myself as a rich person, literally filthy rich! All my honorariums are paid, mostly cash. I’ve got from my research, my modules, my books, plus others from my activities as a presenter, assessor, and SME partner. So, you might ask how am I gonna use those money, right? Well, I’ve been like this for so many times, so I think I’ll just do what I usually do with my money: save and invest them. Spending them is just later when I feel like to, I have the freedom, right? Remember, money to me is just a compensation of what I have done before, so I’m not gonna be too hilarious like a kid who’s just got a bar of candy from her mama. I am really in control of my life because things don’t happen by chance, they happen by choice. I am really taking full responsibility for my life, therefore my money must be spent wisely: not for consumptive desire.

After all, what I’ve got now is from what I have endured so far in pain and pressure to achieve my professional excellence. No pain no gain, mate!

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