My Oh My KTI


These weeks I’ve been busy with my research, we call that KTI or Karya Tulis Ilmiah. I started to prepare it in May 2016; it’s a mandatory task as a trainer in Pusdiklat Keuangan Umum Kemenkeu. Well, I never have enough with research; this is the second I make for 2016. The difference is my unit take serious steps to monitor our progress every time. I’ve collected all the data, and now I am still tabulating and processing them with SPSS. Hopefully I can finish it soon. It’s a simple research, a descriptive one, and it will be published internally.

This reminds me of the time when I was working with my thesis for my S2 study. I felt frustrated, like it took a lot of time. Once I completed it, I felt so proud, yet it still like I wanted to publish my best work. Until now I haven’t had the chance to publish it, thanks to my routine works here in my training center.

Well, blaming my work place…actually I haven’t had the confidence to publish my work. I really envy a colleague of mine who said that he always has the thirst for more. (He has published in soooo many international journals, so very industrious)! Yes, I believe that breaking the first barrier will bring in calmness and confidence to pursue more projects…like him. It’s just like my writing modules here. So far I have written ten modules, and there will be more and more, because I love doing that. It will help me with my teaching. My colleague has the passion for research, but I know well that he doesn’t have so many training hours to teach like me. That’s why he can always have time for his researches.  Yes, I’m a bit jealous with him…

OK back to work again….

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