I Want to Be A Successful Online Writer


This statement was actually my 2015 resolution, but somehow I couldn’t make it. This year, I push myself to write at least one post every month. Yes, I have to challenge myself; otherwise, my old resolution will be just in vain.

I kind of like to enlist the so many excuses that I made for not writing regularly last year:

  1. Limited access to my computer and the Internet.

My Mac is the main medium to write, but then I will be able to do it only in my office at work. Now, like it or not, I have to use my laptop or my smart phone; the latter can be my portable hot spot if I just don’t have the necessary access to the Internet.

  1. Self-motivation and self-discipline.

I should keep on telling myself that writing can be done every time and everywhere, because the flexibility of online environment requires my responsibility. Now this year I try to be committed to what I have planned: real commitment and discipline to write regularly, at least 15 minutes every day. That’s it.

3. It’s hard to communicate through writing.

I really made up that excuse I think. Who will limit me to express myself in writing? No one. Now, whatever comes into my mind, I will just grab my smart phone and put it into writing. I will ignore grammar, and I won’t limit the category of my writing. I can write my personal story, a lesson learned, a new experience, new knowledge, whatever. The more I write, the better communication skill I’ll have.

My words of the day:

“I write more because I know there are  more who likes to read”



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