Dining at Korea House

I had the chance to enjoy the unique tastes of Korea by tasting traditional court cuisine in a charming atmosphere; yes, a visit to Korea House. It was a very cold evening on November 2015, and KDI School arranged our dinner there. MinJee, our escort from KDIS, told me that the traditional court cuisine of Korea House is cooked on the basis of the records contained in ancient literature. Super, right?

It was like a serial eating. 😀  It was ten ‘theme’ of serving. (I hope I didn’t make mistake with the name of the food). Here we go:

korean platter

First of, we were served with Korean Style Snacks, yummy. Then came Colorful Platter of the Nine Ingredients with Thin Crepes. I ate them all up. Next was the appetizer: Yam, Lotus Roots, Cucumber, Deodeok with Pine nut Sauce. My stomach started to full. Still, came the next was porridge and Water Kimchi. Well, the taste was strange, but I kept on eating. After that was Braised Mushroom in Sweet Pumpkin, and I started to think: so Korean think that Halal food means vegetarian menu? Anyway, I successfully finished that dish. Then next was Stuffed Mushroom & Bean Curd (Tofu) followed by Perilla Seeds Soup with  steamed rice. There were also other side dishes  that I couldn’t remember, it’s like mixed vegetables. And last was the dessert, a pomegranate tea. That the best drink I ever had in Korea. 🙂


What can I say: my stomach was too full. I heard that the menu costs more than 45,000 KRW per person, whoa what a price! After the spectacular dinner, we went to the theater in the next building to enjoy Korea House performance.

I will write later in full details about the show. But in short,it was most interesting with beautiful costumes and the charming dancers.The traditional dances were amazing and the traditional musical instruments played were unique. There was a overhead projection to explain the performance in English so we could understand the whole show.

What a nice place to enjoy and get a sense of the Korean culture. Kamsahamnida,  KDI School! 🙂


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