Today is Our 15th Anniversary

I don’t know whether my husband remember #July16th_2000 is a special day for us or not.


But for sure I’m really grateful that Allah SWT has blessed me with such a wonderful husband. Let me enlist his good sides:

– Confident. He has a sense of self-worth but he’s a humble person as well.

– Self-Control – He is mostly discipline in many ways, therefore he’s not easily tempted , he doesn’t even go for immediate self-gratification.

– Provider – He’s wealthy, and that allows him to provide for the family.

– Handles Money Well – He can budget his money so well, while I’m a bit spender haha. Sometimes he’s a bit frugal, but so far, money hasn’t been a problem in our marriage.

– Trustworthy – I can always count on his words. He got this from his Dad, I guess.

– Open-Minded – He listens to my opinion on things, who’s willing to admit when he’s wrong or to forgive when I’m wrong. Above all, he is willing to give me room to be myself.

– Maturity – He acts in a rational, loving, and giving fashion to us–often against his selfish instincts.

– Loyal to the Family – Especially to his big family. He brought up with that culture and I benefited from it.

– Good with Children – He is willing to play with our children and give them his time, and if he is willing to talk to them as a good father. He also makes a good uncle to his cousins, nieces, and nephews, and that’s what I like most in him.

– Protective of the Family – Well, sometimes over-protective in my view. He selected good housing environment for us with 24-hour security system, so that we can have good neighbors and our children can have good friends. He also makes sure that our kids get a good education, so that they are not open to the exploitation that often happens to most people we see in our lives.

– Enjoys Spending Time with Family – He has the share in the child raising and he enjoys family activities.

– Have Vision and Perspective – He has a vision for our family and the future of us, and that relates to our faith in Islam. I live in peace with him.

– Treats Me Well – He is loving, respectful, helpful, and willing to share the burdens in our marriage. He listens to me, provides for my well being,and defends me every time I need defending. We can always work through our problems together, and I know that my husband is always on my side.

My Wedding
May Allah SWT continue to guide us and bless us in our marriage journey. Happy 15th anniversary dear.

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