Why People are Ungrateful?

I want to slap n hit you!
I want to slap n hit you!

Sorry, had to get this off my chest. I’ve been giving help to my ex students who look for scholarships since 2003. I also help everyone, even strangers, all of my friends come to me for help with everything from work, relationships, financial, physical, and anything you can think of. They will all tell you that I always have the perfect answer and I always find the solution to everything.They call me crying and hang up feeling so much better. But what do I get now? The majority of them never appreciate my lot of helping and caring. Recently when I was a bit depressed, none of them had one clue of how to help me, not a helpful word of advice, nothing. I am so angry and just can’t believe I could be there for so many people and not one of them could help me when I need it. How ungrateful..spoiled..selfish! Perhaps because I gave it freely and they just don’t value it. Hmm, I believe in Karma alot (whether it happens or not), the people that hurt my feeling will experience a hurt like mine in the near future.
But when I think again…
There are people in this world that are made to help others and people who always need the help and have no clue how to help others. Maybe it takes a special person to be there for someone all the time. There are just people out there that are problem solvers and people that cause the problems. So I think I might get used to it. I might be a special kind of person and there aren’t a lot of people out there like me. I think I’ll get through this OK.

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