No. 1 or No. 2?

Right now I am still indecisive about who to vote for the upcoming Presidential Election: Prabowo or Jokowi?

No 1 or No 2 ???
No 1 or No 2 ???

After frustratingly indecisive leadership in large democracies over the last ten years under Mr. SBY, I’m hoping that either Prabowo or Jokowi can sweep away the cobwebs in our government. I’m writing this in a view of a commoner, a house-wive who knows little about politics.

Prabowo seems qualified, regardless of his dark record of his past (about human rights abuses). He has fiery nationalistic rhetoric, financial backing from his tycoon brother and the broad coalition of supporting him, like PPP, PKS and PAN, three parties that always win my support.
While Jokowi is greater in his characteristics and track record in Solo delivery, I think. But his campaign is so disorganized and lack of prior planning, maybe because he’s lacking of fund. And I don’t really like the fact that he is supported by PDIP. Well, in Indonesian politics, parties in The Parliament influence the government in deciding most issues behind closed doors by consensus in interest-based committees that are subject to minimal transparency or accountability. Jokowi must be strongly influenced by his sponsoring party, PDIP, lead by former president Megawati. Is he really ready for the big league if he was initially forced by Megawati for presidency?

I still remember the Megawati presidency, there were a lot of rising gas, oil, dan fuel prices. There were also a lot of demonstrations, but Megawati saw the criticism as an insult to PDIP, and cynically said that people can just choose another country to live in if they are not with her. To demonstrants that are opposed to her are arrested, like Nanang and Muzakkir if I’m not mistaken, so she’s really not that democratic. If Jokowi is driven by her, I just can’t take it. I will never forget my hatred during her reign. But I really adore Jokowi’s folksy charm, corruption-free reputation and record of improving basic services as a local leader in Jakarta and his home town of Solo in central Java.

Prabowo, can we give him a second chance? His allegations of human-rights abuses has never been fully investigated by our government. He ran unsuccessfully for president in 2004 and 2009, that’s a lot of money on his part for these two elections. I’m a bit suspicious with his big coallition: what’s their plan? Btw,  Prabowo looked cruel before, but now he is more of a humanist and at least in the past two months it shows. I love men who looks decisive and firm, ganteng like my husband ha ha ha…be rational, Efi! but at the same time shows cares. One more thing, Prabowo for sure looks more masculine than Jokowi, well it’s just because of his military upbringing , I think. Jokowi is also too soon for a DKI governor to run for national office. I think he can be a great president, but to me this year is too premature for him to run,and especially he has had little experience of professional international engagement. His English is also terrible. But I never doubt that he has the characterisrics as a true leader.

From the candidate debates on Youtube, I learn that both Prabowo and Jokowi offer similar solutions for Indonesia’s slowing growth rate—build roads and seaports, open millions of acres of farmland and reduce fuel subsidies. Prabowo calls for halting the loss of $85 billion annually in natural-resources assets and ensuring food security. For this, I quite agree with you, Sir! But Jokowi’s development plans are far better and implementable in my view.

Well, the more I write, the more I become confused. Let’s see what’s next in three days time. I want to see how both supporters play in the remaining days before July 9. So far, I hate the Jokowi’s fans: they removed Prabowo’s posters at night. Oh ya, my FB wall is full of my friends campaign for both. And the fights between the two sides on the internet are getting worse. Peace, guys….

Calm down, folks! Don't throw hates to each other!
Calm down, folks! Don’t throw hates to each other!

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