Vacations and Holiday

How’s your feeling after Idul Fitri holiday? Refreshed, rejuvenated, or recharged? Do you enjoy a longer vacation only on Lebaran or Christmas? Have you used up your vacation time this year?

Get a holiday, pal!
Get a holiday, pal!

As we work in the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia, we take much of our time for work. Yes, it is our duty as a government official to do the best for our country. But, one should get away from it all every once in a while. Don’t say that there’s just too much to get done in your office: all employees deserve vacation and holidays.

Vacations are not a luxury, it’s our need. Why vacations and holidays are also important for us, government officials? I will enlist some reasons in this article.

The first is that because there is more to life than work. While on vacations and holidays, we’ll have an opportunity to think of matters besides work. Remember: don’t take work with you on your vacation. Be selfish and think of yourself. You may think of your future. Where do you see yourself in five years? Take the question a little farther to ten, fifteen, and then twenty years, and you will be surprised at the answers you get. Then, you can also think of your family, your asset, etc and gain more insight about them. Life is so precious, so appreciate it by also taking a break for a while.

The busy officials and executives spend a larger proportion of his time with his colleagues, users and customers than with members of his own family. The average fairly successful executives will probably remember more details of his work than those of his children. (Some of my colleagues cannot remember their children’s birthdays and even their own wedding anniversary!) The family vacation is, therefore, a golden opportunity for them to spend some quality with those that are ultimately more precious to them. Indeed, family should also be your priority besides work.

The second reason is taken from Barbara Reinhold, saying that vacation is as important as sleep. Can you imagine if you lack of sleep? You will decrease your ability to think clearly and act decisively. Lacking recreation will make you cranky, and often more than a little critical of the people in your department or unit who do have a good sense to take care of themselves. If I hear my colleagues’ direct responses are slacking off, I usually I ask them: “When did you have your last vacation?” I see that work addicts are not just hurting themselves, they could also hurt their co-workers, their work, the unit, even the Ministry of Finance. So, working to the brink of exhaustion costs not only your physical but also your mental state. Human are no machine (even a machine does really need to be rested).That is why, get some time off!

The third reason: vacations do not always need cost much, especially in Indonesia, where relatives and close friends are more than welcomed to help you. You can also enjoy your long holiday and vacation at home and still have fun. I know a friend of mine who took out his children to Europe every other year for two weeks for vacation. The total cost was the flight tickets, hotel accommodation, and all tourism expenses. But in six years, all his three children got scholarships in Germany, Netherland, and France, and I think that’s enough to cover their expenses. He took vacation and also looked for opportunities to some colleges and universities for his children, such a smart holiday plan he had.

The last reason, taking a longer holiday or vacation is also a chance to find out how essential you are to the institution or department. You could come back to find that everyone is overjoyed to see you because things have been falling between the chairs when you were away. The department really relies much on you. On the other hand, you could come back from your leave to discover that no one ever noticed your absence! J For the second situation, take another break again soon but this time to plan your further action to shine at work. Then come back to work with a bang!



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