What makes me unique?

Being both spiritual and flexible is one of the aspects of my personality that makes me most unique. I am a moslem: I accept all the Quran says because I belive in Allah and I am faithful to prophet Muhammad. That’s why I can take life so calmly and never hurry to get into unnecessary tempers when things go wrong. I know that what is ordained is ordained; and no one but Allah can alter anything. (However, that doesn’t mean that in the face of problems or disaster, I sit down and do nothing).

In addition, I think that being flexible is very important too, as to minimize the doldrums of life. It’s very easy for people to get themselves into a rut of always doing and liking the same things, but a greater challenge is trying something different, as long as it is allowed by outr relious belief. There is much greater awakening of all the potential you have, when you try new things.

The job I hold trully puts flexibility to the test. I’m a Widyaiswara, a trainer of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia. I am faced with different situations and people everyday, since I teach several subjects to all official from all units of MOF all over Indonesia. I can teach public speaking and Pancasila in one day, and teach Teambuilding and Master of Ceremony another day. The following day I must teach Curriculum Design in the morning and Listening Class in the afternoon. I can teach at Pancoran, Kebayoran, or Bintaro this week, but next week I may teach in Balikpapan or Pekanbaru. There are times that I must behave like a guru, and there are times I must act like an actress, a motivator, even a comedian, a manager of classroom debates ….well, flexibility is important in my job.

I am somewhat a careful planner for my money, not an extravagant person who likes to do things big and bright. But sometimes I spend my sparetimes at shopping malls or bookstores, I am a push-over for good clothes for teaching and books for my brain. I am an ordinary, person, really, but I enjoy formal gatherings with bosses, charity events, and a bustling city. In a sense, I’m sometimes a worldly person, but at the same time I still like simple things in life. There are times I am perfectly content just sitting at my porch, watching my kids playing, or running along the jogging track in my neighborhood. Those make me thank God for all good things in my life.

Being flexible allows me to branch out in many different situations that I am face with, and to enjoy the different paths I sometimes choose to follow (I was once an insurance agent, a singer, an amateur musician, a member of drama club, a journalist, a tour guide, and pizza-maker when I was younger…^_^). That is very important to me, because it makes me the individual that I am.

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