Here Kitty…..

I’ve never been a big fan of cat since my mom’s allergic to cats. I think cats smell terrible and their litter are disgusting. Cats are so lazy and don’t really care if there are people around or not. But once I discovered that cats are actually really nice and that my kids love them, so I converted. I became tolerable to cats.

Here are some positive things about cats:
They’re cuddly.

Cats are far more cuddly than dogs. Dogs would rather lick your face than give you a hug. Not all cats are cuddly, I know, but many are!

They’re quiet.

Quiet is relative.They may be whining, but for me it won’t be so disturbing compared to a dog’s bark. Cat miaows won’t hurt my ears.

They purrrrrr!

Nothing is more relaxing to me than the gentle rumbling of a contented kitty. When they purr, they let you know that they are happy, relaxed, and loved.

They are relatively low-maintenance

If you have an indoor cat , you don’t need to bother with flea and tick repellents and the like. If your cat eats basic dry food, you can leave for a weekend without worry as long as enough food and water are available.

They won’t bite your kids

I never worry when my kids are playing with cats. Though cats have claws and sharp teeth, they will never hurt your kids, at least that’s what I’ve experienced so far. And I have never heard a story of a cat bites its owner, but surely I know some dogs did it to their masters.

Although I’m tolerable to cats now, but I still think that I’m not a cat person.
Even yesterday when my daughter asked for a Scottish Fold, I shook my head strongly. Scottish Fold is really, very, very cute (their looks really melt my heart since they’re just like a baby’s face, I think)…but I am determined that no more place for kitties in my house. I am just delighted to see my own children, and I don’t want any pets. But, of course my kids can always plays with my neighbor’s cats.

"How can't you deny this sweet Scottish Fold, ibu?" asked my daughter.
“How can’t you deny this sweet Scottish Fold, ibu?” asked my daughter.

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