Jangan Dibaca!

efi & indraTulisan dibuat tanggal 16 Juli lalu, tapi ngga berani di posting, takut ada yang baca (apalagi mahasiswaku, hi…). Tapi pas lagi browsing dan liat2 chatting anak2 muda yang lagi pacaran mesra di sosmed, jadi gemes ama anak sekarang and kepikir kenapa saya nggak nulis something buat suami sendiri aja (kalo pacaran kan dosa tau, kalo buat suami kan gpp), masa kalah ama anak muda he..he…


This year we have been married for 9 years this year, and I thank God I have a successful and happy marriage. My colleague, who is about to marry soon in his ‘old’ age, asked me the tips in managing our marriage. Well, it’s a journey of a lifetime actually,but I try to recall what makes me happy of ours (well, I have to make it systematically since I’m accustomed to this style of writing ^_^):

1. Understanding
Whenever I am feeling down, of course I like to have a shoulder to cry on. My husband sometimes provides his shoulder for me, but other times he just says to me, “Pull yourself together; stop feeling so sorry for yourself.” Not romantic, huh? But I guess that’s because he knows very well when I need someone to listen to me or when I just don’t need his advice. By this way, he eventually teaches  me to be a stronger woman.
2. Kindness
There is no need for him to buy me a huge present every week, because to him, to be generally kind costs nothing. He shows me some consideration, rides me to campus n picks me up from work, gives me a cuddle in bed; tell me he loves me and what a great mum I am. There are so many little things he does for me that show his caring to me.All I want in life is just kind and loving people around me.
3. Honesty
He’s honest to me, no cheating on me as let’s face it he would not want me to be unfaithful to him, too. There is no relationship without trust; therefore he ensures that I’m in no doubt he’s one hundred percent mine.

Those are the main three things that I say about my husband. And they are the same key for successful marriage I believe. BTW, I tried to write him a love letter to show him how grateful I am with our marriage (the idea is not 100% my original he he he, I just got inspired by someone’s love letter). I want him to learn English better that’s why I wrote it in English (I know he’ll ask me to translate this, but nope, won’t do it hahahaaa). Here it is:

Dearest Jo,
Several people have asked me about the nine year itch, because they think that after nine years, married couples start to feel constrained by their bonds of marriage. I just laugh, and I can honestly say I haven’t thought that ours is so constraining. While some friends say that the more years the more fights they have in their marriage, we just make ours more worthwhile each day.
Well, we know it from the start.  We have the goal of being together forever, happily.  We know that after we pass on, if we have lived worthily, hopefully our spirits will be bonded together eternally in the jannah hereafter as man and wife.  We know that true happiness comes from sharing life’s experiences together, and because we know these things, we strive to achieve that eternal happiness.
Over the last year, our lives have started to settle into a sort of beautiful rhythm.   I appreciate knowing that we have a routine. It’s not boring to me.
I love you now more than when we were first married.  While that first years was tough, it seems so much smaller now than it did even last year.  I feel so free with you, so happy.  I can share with you my deepest thoughts, my loveliest desires, and know that you will hold them safe in your heart.
Those who have not experienced the joy of being married perhaps can never know the safety, security, and peace that come from knowing that both parties are totally committed to each other, no matter what happens.  No matter how sick you are, no matter how frustrated I might become with works and household jons, no matter how naughty our kids are, we stick together and see each other through every tough situation.  I love you for that and hope each day that I can show you a little bit of that love.
It’s easy to find you sexy because you are.  While some may laugh and say that it’s because we’ve been together so long, you give me goosey sometimes…and I love it.
You are my darling.  My fresh, exquisite, handsome, lazy-n-sleepy husband and I am grateful each morning when I wake up next to you.  Nine years or ninety, your love is my treasure and I’ll never throw that away.

I love you, and happy anniversary.

July 16, 2009

Your Jo.

I don’t know, we are both just different, but the three things I mentioned above have made us a solid partner (and you see our nicknames’ identical…we called each other Jo..simply short for Bojo). May Allah  always bless our love forever, amiin….

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