Have a Nice Test!

UTSI have many ideas about the teaching my students. I ask students many questions during class sessions to build up to worldly knowledge as well. I always want my students to back their answers by facts, not merely opinion. This is academic setting, and students must be able to elaborate their answers systematically.
I also give many quizzes, tests, and much assignment. Even for their UTS and UAS, I never give easy items for them. When students do all those tasks, I expect them to get an excellent score. Second best is never good enough. But above all, I want them to achieve the good scores with their honest and hardest effort, for students’ integrity is number one for me.
Students of today think their teacher make it hard on them. When they think this, just make them remember that they don’t know that some day they could be  a President, a minister, or a top executive; so, going to this college and get a good education is the right thing to do and later on they will become distinguished and successful people, and do good service to the nation. One day they become a president or ministers, and of course, they would want to do their job correctly. So studying hard in this college is to repare for the future. That means they have to now for a happy, successful life later.
Today this twenty-first century, what would we do without a good and qualified education? We would be considered foolish, and we could do no good things for our country, Indonesia.
The children of today are going to be the leaders of tomorrow. It is my duty, as a teacher, to help them to learn as much as possible so that some day they may fill in their jobs. Who knows what will test their strength, will power, and their knowledge in the future?
I just don’t know what sort of an education they will need to survive in the future. But I must make sure that my students can be prepared for the future by learning all they can, while they can, in such a way as to benefit themselves, their family, and our nation, Indonesia.
So, selamat menempuh UTS dan UAS 2009, dan juga selamat menunaikan Ibadah Shaum Ramadhan 1430 H. Semoga Allah SWT menjadikan Anda semua orang yang sukses dan berguna bagi Negara, Bangsa, dan Agama, amiin… met puasa

One thought on “Have a Nice Test!

  1. So, I love your methods of teaching, Maam.. make us think and absolutely make us speak in english.

    Be the leaders of tomorrow.. impression quote..

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