Teaching at STAN (Again)

This semester, I got 4 classes to teach at STAN. I have already asked for a break at leat two semesters to focus on my thesis and office work at Pusdiklat Keuangan Umum; still, STAN put me in their list this semester. It’s such a big burden again for me, yet I’ll take that since I do love teaching. It is a legitimate skill like those in any other profession, so I have to be professional. I have to show everyone that I have the skills training, experience, compassion and commitment to make my students successful. Another reason is that I really love to facilitate and nurture the intellectual growth of my students, so that in turn, they are inspired to learn and motivated to achieve mastery of the subject that I teach.

So, my plan this semester, I have to ask a TA to help me handle my class in case I am not able to come to class. An assistant can also help me to improve my syllabus and evaluate my  teaching process in class. This will cost me extra money, but it doesn’t really matter. I gain enthusiasm by doing things the way I like it to be.

Teaching is by no means an easy task. But it is also fascinating challenge because it really isn’t about teaching at all.  It’s about learning — there’s another person involved in all of this. So, okay, I will teach four classes again this semester.

Campus STAN
Campus STAN

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