To Our Inspiring Teacher

Good teaching requires flexibility, compassion, organization, knowledge, energy, and enthusiasm. A good teacher must decide when a student needs to be prodded and when that student needs mercy. Good teaching requires when to listen and reflect and when to advise or correct. It requires a delicate balance at many skills, and often a different mix of approaches for different students and situations. Is this profession demanding? Yes! Boring? Never! Exciting? Absolutely! Now then, have you ever found such a professional teacher like that?
I am a teacher and now also Uhamka student, and I want to be like my lecturer of Academic Speaking at Uhamka, Ms. Itje Chodijah. We adore her and want to please her; we always want to make her content because we know how much Ms. Itje cares about our speaking proficiency. She told us to keep on improving ourselves by conducting our self-learning, and she always reminds us that her class demands much of out time to drill and learn from other student’s experience. She expected us to do the best we can, and we all tried our hardest. I feel much improvement after taking her class, and most of my friends do. It’s because of her that we learn to work hard and to feel proud of what we did. And I want to tell my students that too and to make that kind of difference to them.
Yes, I want to be Ms. Itje for my students. I want to challenge my students to become a good learner for their own sake. Thank you, my teacher!


Posted immediately after I did my UKM test of Academic Speaking at Uhamka. I wasn’t feeling well this morning, something wrong with my head since yesterday; therefore, my presentation was not very good, but anyway I tried to do my best this morning. I never sorry about my test, since I learned a lot from my friends whose presentations were excellent in my view (Thanks to Stefi, Yuni, and Rosma.). After the test, we shake hands for our farewell to her class, and I can see how much we have missed her class already! I want to have that feeling for my classes, too.

3 thoughts on “To Our Inspiring Teacher

  1. mba efi..
    u did well in UKM test of Academic Writing. i learn a lot from u but about our inspiring teacher is the same !
    she, Mrs. Itje is my inspiring teacher too since i was in S1, i adore her so much..
    btw mba efi..
    i like your blog
    add something interesting ya mba..
    especially your personal experience.

  2. Hello Dieni, I didn’t realize you wrote something here. I’m not really active in updating this blog, just do it on my spare time. I’m glad you like it, I’ll try to write more various topics here next time (kalo ada waktu luang…halah…). ^_^

  3. Mrs. IC was once my inspiring teacher. We’ve been friends on FB, and every time she updates he status, I have more understanding on how she really is. I mean she is still a great teacher and a good educator, but now I have another inspiring teacher much better than her.

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