TV: No Way!

By the end of this month, we will celebrate our 3rd anniversary of not having any TV set at home. Yes, I gave up owning TV in 2005, the time when we moved from Balikpapan to Jakarta . I subscribed to cable TV when I was in Balikpapan, and I can tell you that was terrible since my family was addicted to it. In the following paragraph, I will tell you some negative effects of television, especially to our children (it’s a modification of my paragraph-writing assignment).

Bad behavior, poor health, and wasted time are problems that result from children watching too much television. The first problem on behavior is mostly triggered by children’s excessive watching on violent programs on tv. When children quietly and passively watch program such as crime news or killing scenes on tv drama very often, it can desentize them to violence and even instigate them to aggressive behavior. It is quite common now to see outbursts between brothers and sisters, as they frequently see quarrels and fights too on the screen. The second problem on health can be derived from reduced sleep time or constant sitting. Most tv lovers, including children, are absorbed in late television viewing, which only make their brain keep on awake and eventually cause poor concentration and sleepiness the next day. If this happens very often, how many brain cells children have destroyed within a week, a month, or a year? Also, children have no idea that sitting for hours in front of the boob tube, always wanting the next series of Naruto or exploding cars on serials action, is nothing compared to playing football or flying kites with friends, which are much healthier physical activities to do. Indeed, lack of exercising is one of children’s problem; they keep on piling up fat but never do the fat-burning: move, come out, and play. Now the last problem on time management: thousands of children hours are wasted on useless stories of “sinetron” and a few loud explosion. They should have spending this time on school work, studying, or productive play. In other words, children should make up the lost of time by reading, writing, exercising, playing monopoly with sisters and brothers, and other positive activities that can strengthen their brain or the family bond. Time is so precious that wasting it means throwing something very valuable in life. Seeing those negative effects, I think it’s better to cut the cord, throw the set in the street, and let children live without it. My decision to quit TV works well to improve their cognitive, behavior, and physical activities. Dare to try?

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