The Negative Impact of the Internet

This is actually my paragraph-writing assigment:

The Internet can have negative effects on children. First, it can make children have less social contact. Children who find the enjoyment of the Internet usually ignore the people surrounding them: family, peers, and so on. When they are very absorbed in the computer, nobody can disturb them. Especially when the Internet makes them feel self-sufficient in obtaining information on their own, they do not really need to rely on the teachers, parents, friends, etc. Second, the Internet gives easier access to to pornography and violence. Children can downloand games from the Internet, but some games contain violence and pornography, for example the game Mortal Kombat II which I rate as “mature” contains animated blood, gore, brutal fights, and sexual contact. In my view, excessive playing of this violent game can increase aggressive behavior in children. The third and final reason, the Internet indirectly can have negative impact to the body. For example, the long hours of surfing the net makes children stare at the computer screen for long. This can cause eye strains, or sometimes short-sighted vision. Another example, slouching in front of computer will also affect the body posture. If this happens very frequently, children can be “hunchback”, not sturdy, and this is not good for bone growth. In sum, despite its advantages of providing better means of communication, the Internet can actually give us such bad things as less social interaction, easier gates to violence and pornography, and worse physical condition.

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